The Go1 Platform enables you to upload and create your own training materials, empowering you to onboard new staff, communicate organizational policies, procedures, and introduce new concepts and processes to your team.

Training materials can be individual learning items, like a single document or video, or can be grouped together to form a course.

Courses can comprise of these individual learning items, assessments such as quizzes and events, and can also comprise learning items from a Go1 Content Hub subscription - enabling you to create training materials that meet the specifics of your organization, whilst drawing on the power of the Go1 Content Hub library of resources.

How to get the most out of course creation

Create organization-specific learning

  • There’s no need to use complex authoring tools to create courses in Go1. Drag and drop assets into the simple Course creation tool and you’re ready to publish.

Support blended learning via Events

  • If you have a face to face or zoom component to your training program as part of a blended learning approach, use the events feature to provide all the information a learner needs in one place.

  • This includes the ability to register interest, attendee management, and multi-day options.

Test knowledge with in-built assessment tool

  • There’s an industry-standard quiz function that allows you to dynamically set pass and fail options across the whole course to measure your learners’ knowledge.

Deliver alongside Go1 Content Hub

  • Any course you create behaves like a course from the Go1 Content Hub; you can pull it into Awards, and Playlists.

  • You can assign it to your users and administer completion rules, all while reporting centrally on enrolment and completion data.

Accessible across systems

  • If you use Microsoft Teams to deliver your learning from Go1, any course you create in the Go1 Platform will also appear in your Microsoft Teams.

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