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How to Export Historical Course Enrollment Records
How to Export Historical Course Enrollment Records

Access all historical course enrollment records for a user, course, or across your Go1 Portal.

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Go1 Portals support the ability for users to re-enroll in learning content, and store a record of these multiple enrollments. 

Administrators, Content Administrators and Managers now have the ability to access a record of historical course enrollments as a downloadable CSV.

To access these records, select your user account avatar from the top navigation, followed by: Administer

From the Administration Dashboard, select the tab: Enrollments. This will take you to the Administer > Enrollments report.

In order to access the record of all enrollments completed against a course, select the button: Export all course records from the top right of the report.

An Export Options popup will open, allowing you to set the parameters of your export:

  • All users or one specific user

  • All courses or one specific course

  • All time, or enrollments completed within a date range

Once you have set the parameters, select the button: Export

The associated course enrollment records will be compiled and a link to the CSV file of these records will be emailed to you.

From the email notification, select to download the file and open it within a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Each corresponding enrollment will be a row within the CSV file, containing the information:

  • ID: the unique identifier for that enrollment

  • Course ID: the unique identifier for that course

  • Title: the name of the course

  • Type: the type of learning content, this will always say Course

  • Email: the email address of the learner associated with that enrollment

  • User Name: the name of the learner associated with that enrollment

  • Status: the status of the learner's enrollment in that course, this will always say Completed

  • Pass: whether the learner passed or failed their enrollment in that course

  • Start Date: the date the learner was enrolled

  • End Date: the date the learner's enrollment changed to Completed

What do I need to know?

  1. The Administer > Enrollments report surfaces the records of learning completed by users on your Go1 Portal. If learners have enrolled a course multiple times, only their most recent enrollment will show within this report. 

  2. Whilst this report shows enrollments against courses, standalone learning items and awards, the Export all course enrollments function is specific to course enrollments; it will not contain the enrollments for standalone learning items or awards

  3. Administer > Enrollments shows enrollments of all statuses: Not started, In Progress, Completed. The Export all course enrollments function is for Completed enrollments only; it will not show current, active enrollments.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this function, don't hesitate to reach out to our 24/7 support team for further assistance.

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