When purchasing a course for yourself:

  • Participant chooses ‘Credit Card’.

  • Enters card details.

  • Clicks ‘Process payment’.

  • Participant receives an email from the GO1 system notifying them they have successfully purchased the course and can start learning now.

  • The participant will also receive a receipt via email, which is generated from Stripe (see your own Stripe account for settings you are able to edit for this receipt).

When purchasing multiple 'seats' to a course you can change the number with the plus 1 button available. 

Follow the steps above to purchase and you will be instructed to view and assign your purchases from your account page.

Once in your account head to purchases on the left hand menu where you will see a list of courses you have purchased seats for, who you have allocated those seats to and how many remaining seats you are yet to assign.


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