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Booking a course with an event
Booking a course with an event

How does a learner book a course? We can show you :)

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Booking courses for GO1 learners has never been so easy! Check-out these easy how-to steps below...

Things to Note

  • Booking is only available if the course contains at least one available event date

  • Events are compulsory so to enrol in a course with event, you will need to book all events in the course

Let's Get Started

Select a Date(s)

  1. Open the course which you wish to enrol in

  2. From the course overview page, specify which Date you would like to attend by selecting a "Date Card"

  3. Once you specify one Date for all available events in course, there will be a "Book Now"

  4. Select the button to start the booking process

Booking process

If the course is free thn the booking process will enrol the learner in immediately. If the  course you are booking has an associated cost, then you will see the below form

Book for your self:

  1. Enter your credit card informations

  2. Select "Purchase for" 

  3. Once the payment process gets done, you will see Payment successful screen

4. From the Success screen you can access you course by hitting the "Start Learning" button

Book for others

  1. Select "+" to increase the seat to the number you expect

  2. Enter your credit card informations

  3. Select "Purchase for"

  4. Once the payment process is completed, you will see success screen

  5. Select "Your account"  --> "You can assign purchased sea(s)  to start assigning purchased seats to others 

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