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Everything you need to know about learning through the Go1 Player

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Learners are able to upskill, reskill, continue along their professional development pathway, and meet the compliance obligations of their organization and industry through the Go1 Player, the content player through which learning is delivered on Go1.

Whether you're looking to simply watch a quick video or review a PDF, which would be delivered as a Standalone Learning Item - a single, discrete piece of learning content, such as a video, document, text file, interactive lesson (SCORM, AICC or xAPI); 

Or you're after more in-depth, comprehensive training available through a Course - a series of resources and assessable items (quizzes, assignments, events) delivered in a particular order --we've got you covered.

Both standalone learning items and courses are available for consumption within the Go1 Player, meaning that you have a simple, consistent experience while learning.

To get started, select a course or standalone learning item from the Explore page. When you click to get started, you will be launched into that learning via the Go1 Player.

Once you have commenced that learning, a record of your interaction will be recorded. This is referred to as an enrollment.

Go1 Player includes two drawers, which can be opened and closed, allowing you to find the information you need, then put it away so that you can focus on the substance of the learning content.

  1. The drawer on the right side of the Go1 Player contains the details of your enrollment, and any due dates you should be mindful of.

  2. The drawer on the bottom of the Go1 Player contains information about the item you're learning, and in the case courses, a button to return to the Course Overview.

A right sidebar containing more information about the item you're learning and, in the case of a course: more details on what's up next, the status of your enrollments in the course, and any due dates you might need to be mindful of.

Some courses require learning items to be completed in a particular order or for one module (a section within a course) to be completed prior to commencing another. If you accidentally navigate to a locked learning item within a course (a learning item would be locked due to you having not met the preconditions of that learning item), you will be blocked from accessing that learning item. 

In the bottom drawer of the player, 5 buttons exist to provide essential feedback that will improve Go1’s content playing experience.

  • Thumbs up and thumbs down rating – over time these insights will help us maintain the value and quality of the Go1 library.

  • Save button - allow users to save items to their playlist in the Go1 platform to come back to at a later date.

  • Share button - users can create and copy a share link for any learning resource to share with others in their organization.

  • Report an issue button - users will be able to flag issues whilst they are learning to fast-track resolution with Content Providers.

The ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’ and ‘report an issue’ buttons are visible to all customers and partners, regardless of which system you deliver your Go1 library. The ‘save’ and ‘share’ buttons are available to Go1 Platform users only.

Reviewing previous learning?

If you wish to revisit an item of learning that you had previously completed, when you select to access that standalone learning resource or course, you will be prompted to choose between reviewing your existing enrollment in that item, and, if the learning supports this option, you will also have the option of re-enrolling. 

If you select to re-enroll, a new enrollment will be saved against your account. 

Note: Previous course enrollments will still be stored against your account, however for standalone learning items, your new enrollment will replace the former one.

What do I need to know?

If you select to view a course or standalone learning item that is available for individual purchase through the Go1 Content Hub, you will be directed to an overview page for that learning, the page from which you can purchase and enroll.

Likewise, if a course contains events, when you click to access that course you will be directed to the overview so that you can browse the available Events and select the options to attend at the time of your enrollment.

When accessing the Course from the Go1 Platform, should you need to view the Course Overview, you can do so from an Overview button, located within the bottom drawer of the Go1 Player.

Additional Options for Go1 Platform Administrators

Accessing Settings

If you need to access the settings of a Course or Standalone Learning Item -as an example, to download that course to import into another Learning Management System, you can do so by navigating to Explore from the top navigation, searching for the item you wish to edit, locating that item within the search results, then select the more button (...) from the slat for that learning and selecting the option Settings

Accessing Reports

Following the instructions above to access Course or Standalone Learning Item settings from the Settings tab, you will then have access to select the Results tab for Standalone Learning Items and the Report tab on Courses. From the Results/Reports tab, you will have the ability to see the learners currently enrolled in that learning and the status of their enrollments and will have the ability to enroll learners into that learning. 

Looking for help?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team via our live chat.

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