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What is Stripe?

Everything you need to know about Stripe and how it works

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We use Stripe to process all credit card payments through Go1 Platform.

Price: compared to other online vendors, Stripe is one of the cheapest on the market, especially when it comes to service fees.

Security: Credit card details are never sent to a client's server for them to manage. This means, Stripe does the heavy lifting when it comes to compliance regulations on storing sensitive data.

The users' experience: unlike other payment options (PayPal), users never leave the website to enter payment details. Stripe provides beautifully designed checkout boxes that appear from directly within the website. These payment boxes also look amazing on mobiles.

For more information on Stripe head here:

How do I use Stripe?

Simply sign up for a Stripe account and enter your bank account details.

The only other thing to do is link your Stripe account with your Go1 account, which our friendly Customer Support Team can help you through.

Stripe processes and delivers payments in 7 days – which means that payments processed on the 1st March will be delivered on the 8th March.

You can also easily manage and send receipts for payments.

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