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Send Custom Notifications Manually
Send Custom Notifications Manually
Updated over a week ago

When you would like to send custom, manual notifications to specific users (or even the whole portal), you can use the 'Send Notification' function. You have the choice of sending an in-app (in-portal) notification, email notification, or both at the same time. 

To do so:

  1. Please go to your required reports page. If you want to contact specific, or all, users of a portal, you could use Administer->Users. If you want to contact specific, or all, users enrolled in a course, you could go to that course's page->Reports.

  2. Sort to only show the users you need, such as by using filters like 'Active', 'In Progress', and so on. 

  3. Select the users you need by ticking the checkbox next to their name (or, to select all, simply hit the checkbox left of the 'NAME' column).

  4. Select the '...' box above the list, then 'Send Notification.'

  5. In the box that pops up, you can type your custom message. 

You can also add some tags to show information specific to the portal or user. Please be careful as @user_name will show the recipient their first name, whereas !user_name will show them their email instead.

1. If you send an email notification, please make sure it has both a subject and body filled in. 
2. Please ensure the token used to match the tokens available in the “available tokens” notes showing below the editor box in each page.

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