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Managing event attendees

Here's a quick breakdown on how attendee can be managed under the new events functionality.

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Things to Note

  • Portal Admin can manage all attendees in their portals

  • Course Author can manage attendees in their courses

  • Course Assessor can manage attendees in their managed enrollment (at course level)

  • Instructor can manage attendees in their instructed Dates

  • If an event has multiple sessions, learners are allowed to select a date and are not required to book all sessions

  • To avoid completion issues, ensure that your users are added to the event before the event date

Access Event Overview page

  1. Select Event name from Events report in Administer

    2. Select Title of any record with type is Event from enrolment report for a specific course

   3. Select Event name

Managing attendees at Event level

In addition to updating attendance at the event level, individuals managing attendees also have the option to Send notification and Export an attendees list. 

To update attendance...

  •  Start by selecting the "Pending" tab

To bulk update attendance: 

  1. Select "Attended" to mark ALL pending attendees as Attended

  2. Select "Didn't Attended" to mark ALL pending attendees as Didn't Attend

To update a single learners attendance: 

  1. Select the green check mark on an attendee record to mark their attendance as Attended

  2. Select the red x  on an attendee record to mark their attendance as Didn't attend

To change attendance from Attended to Didn't attend and vice versa, select the respective tab. There are actions to bulk update user attendance. 

To send notifications to attendees

Sending notification is available on any tab. The action perform on all attendees in any selected tab

Sending a notification to attendees can be completed as follows...

  1. Select the ellipse, also known as the three dots 

  2. Select Send Notification

  3. The Send Notification modal will appear, as per the below

As outlined, there are 2 available options to send learner notifications

  • In app notifications: Enter a short message with supported token. Attendees will see a badge immediately on the bell icon in the top right hand corner of the users portal

  • Email notification: Enter Email subject and body with supported tokens to send an email to attendees

To export attendees

Export attendees action are available on any tab. The action perform on all attendees in selected tab.

  1. Select the ellipse 

  2. Select Export CSV to trigger the action

  3. The attendees will now download

Managing attendees at Date level

To manage attendees in a specific Date, you will need to:

  1. Navigate to the Event Overview page

  2. Select the Date you want to manage attendees

From the Date Overview page, you can:

  1. Update attendance for past Dates

  2. Send email/in-app notification to attendees via the ellipse 

  3. Export attendees via the ellipse

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