This article explains how to create an SSO connection and customise your SSO button.  Before you begin we suggest your involve your IT department to support you in the enabling SSO. You will also need to contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature for you.

Create SSO connection

1. Access the Integrations page by clicking your 'user' icon in the top right, then integrations. 

2. Select Single Sign-on
3. Check the enable box:

4. After checking the box, complete the mandatory fields (Login URL, X.509 Certificate) with the information provided from your Identity Provider setup.
5. Select Submit to create a connection with GO1.

After selecting submit, you will see the Post back URL and Entity ID fields appear. Go to the next section to complete the SSO setup.

Config your Identity Provider with metadata from GO1 connection

  1. Copy Post back URL (1), Entity ID (2) to your Identity Provider setting
  2. If you Identity Provider require more informations, select  (3) to get metadata of GO1 connection.

IMPORTANT: SSO configuration only applies to users with a SAML Identity Provider. Not OAuth or Auth0. 

Customising your SSO sign-up button

Admins can also customise  the text on the SSO button, when it appears on the login page. The button by default says "Login with Identity provider", you can change out the Identity Provider with the specific name of your provider. 

Type the text in to see a preview and then click 'Save'. 

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