Setting up certificates

Manage the course certificate display for your Go1 Platform.

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It's common to want something to take away from training you have done; proof of the effort you have put in and the understanding and capabilities you now have. Go1 enables you to access a Go1 certificate of course completion (subject to the settings of your Go1 Platform).

We also provide basic management functions to administrators, allowing you to control elements of the certificate's content and whether or not the certificate is accessible via the 1-Player content player.

Manage the elements of the course completion certificate

Administrators customise the signature image, name, and title within the course certificate settings on the Go1 Platform, with these values then being displayed on course completion certificates. 

The step-by-step process for Administrators to edit certificates:

  1. Login to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator

  2. Click on your avatar, followed by Settings from the dropdown menu.

3. From the Settings page, select Theme from the navigation. This option will let you set the logo, background, color, and signature settings for a certificate.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Theme page. You'll find signature settings.

7. You can drag and drop or upload a signature file in the signature box. The signature file can be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG formats. And can be a maximum of 10MB in size.

8. You can add the name of the signee in 'Signature full name' field.

9. You can add the title of the signee in the 'Signature title' field.

10. All these fields are optional.

Learners can download course completion certificates from the course overview page by selecting View Completion History. 

Your certificate will be in PDF format. 


How to disable the completion certificate.

In the portal, navigate to Admin > Settings > Configuration.

Scroll to the bottom and uncheck the last box, "Enable completion certificates."

Submit your changes.

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