Portal Admins can provide certificates for course completions to their users.  As a Portal Admin, you can now store a signature image, name and title in your portal settings with these values then being displayed on course completion certificates. 

The step-by-step process for Portal Admins to edit certificate:

  1. Login to your portal as a Portal Admins
  2. Click on your profile, you'll find an option 'Portal Settings' in the dropdown.
  3. Click on 'Portal Settings'

4. On 'Portal Settings' page, to the left-hand side; you'll find an option 'Theme'. This option will let you set the logo, background, colour and signature settings for a certificate.
5. Click on 'Theme'.

6. On the bottom of 'Theme' page, you'll find signature settings.

7. You can drag and drop or upload a signature file in the signature box.The signature file can be of JPG, JPEG, PNG formats. And can be of maximum 10MB in size.

8. You can add the name of the signee in 'Signature full name' filed.

9. You can add the title of signee in 'Signature title' filed.

10. All these fields are optional.

User can download certificate from course overview page, by select View Completion History. 

Certificate will be in a PDF format. 

GO1 Content providers have the ability to provide custom certificate templates for their courses. At the moment this is option, therefore not all Premium courses will offer customer certificates

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