Go1 Platform supports user management through a data feed, adding, blocking, and updating the details associated with your employees to align with the data held by your organization. Find out more about creating a data feed for user management.

Why choose a data feed?

  • Streamline employee onboarding

    • There’s no need to double-handle user data when an employee onboards.

    • Implement a one-way data feed to pull employee data from your HCM/HRIS straight into the Go1 Platform.

  • User data integrity across systems

    • By streamlining data management, there is low risk of incorrect user data across systems, to keep your reporting accurate and compliant.

  • Regularly refreshed to reflect changes to data

    • Choose how frequently to refresh changes to data, to meet your operating model.

    • Changes made in your HCM/HRIS can be viewed within the Go1 Platform, so you save time double handling information.

Where do I put my data?

The data held by your organization is fed to your Go1 Platform through a bucket, an online folder created specifically for your use. You can drop a CSV UTF-8 file of your organization's user data at the cadence chosen by you to then have the user accounts on your Go1 Platform updated in line with the information contained within that CSV.

You can access the details for your bucket at any time by selecting your user account avatar from the top navigation, followed by Integrations. From the Integrations page, select User Data Feed

From the section labeled Your Data Feed, select the button Show to view the Bucket URL and Access key. 

Note: For security purposes, the Secret Key is only available when first creating the bucket. 

Updating the data mapping logic

In the event of changes to your data file structure, or if you wish to change how data is populated against the users in your Go1 Platform, you can edit the mapping rules associated with your user data feed.

To do so, navigate to Integrations > User data feed and then select the pencil icon to the right of the Data Mapping section of this page. This will return you to the Data mapping details display, from which you can adjust which fields from your test file are connected to the fields on your Go1 Platform.

Through discussions with your Customer Success Manager, you can also add new profile fields to your Go1 Platform and then map them to fields from your data feed from this page. 

If you have new fields to include from your data source, please contact your Customer Success Manager for further assistance. Please include an example of your updated data structure.

Would you like some help?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for further assistance. For any questions regarding the management of users in your Go1 Platform in the meantime, please reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through our live chat.

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