Searching for learning through Microsoft Search

Understand how to access and report on learning resources consumed within Sharepoint,, and Bing.

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To set up the integration between Go1 Platform and Microsoft Search, please navigate to these set up articles:

Once you have set up the integration and shared content to Microsoft Search, you can now find learning content within Sharepoint,, and Bing. See below for how to find content in each environment.

Search and find learning in SharePoint and

  1. Navigate to the search bar at the top of and SharePoint, and type in your search query.

  2. In the list presented, you will see relevant learning content from the Go1 Content Hub, plus any learning resources you've created in the Go1 Platform.
    ​Top Tip
    Go1 supports other eLearning file types, including SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and LTI.

Search and find learning in Bing

  1. Once you have searched for your topic in Bing, navigate to the 'Work' tab next to 'All' in the panel underneath the search bar.

  2. From here, navigate to 'Learning' in the left hand panel where you can access all learning resources from the Go1 Content Hub, and your own created learning resources.

Consuming learning from SharePoint,, and Bing

Once you have found a piece of content, click on it and begin learning:

How do I know what my employees are learning?

All enrolment and completion data is pulled back to you Go1 Platform, so you always have a centralized place to report on learning engagement:

Is it just the Go1 Platform that centralizes reporting?

If your organization accesses learning resources from the Go1 Content Hub in SuccessFactors, completion data will be updated in SuccessFactors.

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