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Your Go1 Platform's Theme and Customization settings enable you to tailor the look of the learning experience by applying your own logo, color, images, and messaging.

  1. To get started, log in to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator.

  2. Select your avatar from the main menu, in the dropdown list of options, select Settings.

  3. From the Settings page, select Theme and Customization from the sidebar navigation.

Note: You will see a banner at the top of the page with an Upgrade now button. Click that button to upgrade to the new signup and login experience.

Next, you will notice some changes in the way the page is displayed. This new layout will help you quickly update all of the new theme elements listed below:


To get started, upload your organization's logo. If you already have a logo in place, click Preview brand to see how it looks in the new experience.

For best results, upload your logo with minimum dimensions as 200 x 200px over a transparent background.

Portal color

Select a color from the picker, or enter a hexadecimal code for a specific color into the field provided. This color is used across your Go1 Platform for elements such as headings, hyperlinked text, and buttons.

Not sure what hexadecimal code to use for your organization's brand? Upload your logo or another brand image to and then copy the HEX code it outputs.

As you continue down the page, you can check your changes through the Preview buttons provided to ensure you're happy with how it looks.

As always remember to tap Save changes from the very bottom of the page to ensure your updates are applied.

Featured image

This image is used in the new sign-up and login pages for your Go1 Platform. For best results, upload an image with at least 1000px in height. Then, you can reposition the image to fit the intended 1:1 ratio.

Customize Login

Login title

You have the option to specify a title to display at the top of your Go1 Platform's login form. You can use this to communicate the name of your learning platform, e.g., Login to the "ACME" learning hub.

Login description

There is also the ability to include a brief set of instructions for your users. As an example: Please enter your work email address and your Go1 password to log in.

Customize Signup

Note: The signup settings are only relevant if your Go1 Platform is configured to allow users to register themselves.

Sign up title

Similar to the Login page, you also have the ability to enter a heading to display above your Go1 Platform's user registration form. e.g., Register for the "ACME" learning hub.

Sign up description

The signup description allows you to guide your learners on the details they should use to register. For example: Please register with your work email address and a secure password.

Customize Dashboard

Welcome message

This text displays at the top of the page that users access when they register or log in to your Go1 Platform. A simple rich text editor is available with options to adjust the text formatting. There is a limited range of dynamic values you can use within this text area, which pulls information from the current user's profile to display the value relevant to them:

  • !fullName

  • !first_name

  • !last_name

  • !mail

We encourage you to use this section to welcome your users and suggest their next step, for example:

Welcome to the "ACME" learning hub, !first_name!

Tap Explore to browse learning topics or use the search to find something specific.

Dashboard image

This is used as the featured image in your dashboard, as the background to your welcome message. For best results, upload an image with minimum dimensions of 1920x300px.

You will have the option to choose from scaling your image to fit the width of the welcome section or to scale the image to fit the height. In most cases, it would be best to choose to scale the image to fit the width.

Dashboard icon

The dashboard icon is the button in the top left of the main navigation, used to return users to the main learning dashboard. For best results, upload an image with minimum dimensions of 100x100px over a transparent background.

Customize completion certificate


The signature you upload is shown on learning certificates provided to learners who complete a course on your Go1 Platform. For best results, upload an image with minimum dimensions of 100x100px over a transparent or white background.

Signature full name

This displays underneath the signature on your Go1 Platform learning certificates. Use this field to specify the name of the signer.

Signature title

Displaying underneath the Signature full name, the signature title gives context to the role of the signer. For example, Chief Learning Officer or Head of People and Culture.

All set?

When you hit bottom, remember to save your changes and then either log out or navigate to your Go1 Platform in a different internet browser to see it live!

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