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Go1 Microsoft Teams App for Learners
Go1 Microsoft Teams App for Learners

An overview of the functionality of the Go1 Microsoft Teams app for Learners.

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Every team member or team owner can consume learning content in Microsoft Teams. So, no matter what your role within an organisation you can engage in learning.

Assigned and recommended learning

Learners can consume and participate in discussions on learning content in their teams’ learning tabs. Team owners and managers will share relevant leaning content in the team channel for the team to complete.

Learners can access any assigned, in progress and saved learning within the 'My Learning' tab. In the personal view of the Go1 Microsoft Teams App, learners (including Teams Owners) can access any learning that has been assigned by a Go1 Administrator or Manager, within the Go1 Platform.

Learners can resume any 'in progress' learning from their own personal 'My Learning' tab, from the Home page or by clicking on all "In progress" learning and selecting the course that they would like to resume from the list.

Learners can also revisit courses they have completed in the past.

Self-directed learning

Learners can discover courses and topics that interest them at any time.

Learners can also search for courses and content using the 'Explore' tab, where they will see any content available to them that is also available within the Go1 Platform. This means learners no longer need to log into their LMS to complete learning!

Learners can 'save' any learning for later, which appears on their 'Home' tab, for easy access later:

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