You can quickly reassign the due dates for your learners in one go by drilling down on one of the sub-tabs in the left sidebar of the course or resource's Manage page. For example, head to Assigned > Overdue to manage those that have exceeded their current due date.

Then select the top checkbox to select all learners within the table, or select/deselect individual learners using the checkboxes to the left of their names.

From the bottom of the page, you will have the option to re-assign or edit assignments:

  • Edit assignment means we'll retain any progress those learners have made on this content; you're simply changing the date by which they need to complete it.

  • Re-assign, in contrast, means that the learners selected will need to commence the content again from the beginning. This is handy for things like annual recurring training your team must complete.

    Important!! Please navigate to the report for that course or resource and export the historical records before reassigning, as only the most recent record will show in the Manage and Report displays.

Once you have selected to Re-assign, you will be asked to specify the new due date.

Then, hit the button to confirm. Your Manage display will then update to reflect the new due date you have specified for those learners, and we'll notify your learners of this new date via email.

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