Want to see who's done what? Head to the Manage display for a course or resource to see who's already assigned and who's doing their own self directed learning (meaning they're learning that content without having been assigned it).

For each learner you will see:

  • If they were assigned the learning:

    • The date they were assigned that course or resource

    • Who assigned them that learning

    • The due date for their learning

  • If they commenced that learning, the date they started learning

  • If they completed that learning, the date they completed it, and whether they did or did not pass that course or resource.

Please note:

  1. If a learner has been assigned a due date using a completion rule on the course, the name of the assigner will show as Deactivated.

  2. If a learner has been assigned to a course or resource via a Group, they will not appear within the Manage interface for that course or resource.

Need to find someone in particular? From the search at the top of the list of learners, you can find an individual using their name or email address. Managers will only be able to see the learners they already manage within your Go1 Platform.

Filters are also available to find learners assigned this content within a timeframe, those that commenced learning the course or resource within a particular date range, and within the Assigned sections, the due date period.

You can also drill down to see how the assigned learners are progressing towards their due date by using the options in the left navigation.

You can export a record of completed learning assignments by navigating to the Completed tab within Manage, Assigned, or Self Directed. The exported file will show all completed learning against that course: both those assigned, and self directed.


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