Why is auto-reassignment useful?

  • Automated reassignment has been developed so you can save time re-assigning each year, and set-and-forget learning that employees need to repeat at a timeframe mandated by your organization’s governing body, or internal organizational policy.

  • Often this is annual recurring compliance training. Learn more about compliance training programs here.

Where is it available?

Who can implement auto-reassign?

  • Admins and Content Admins in the Go1 Platform can enable, disable and edit auto-reassign against a course.

  • Managers can assign the learning, but they cannot enable, disable, or edit the settings within the course for auto reassign.

How do I enable auto-reassign, as an Admin?

  1. From the course overview page, select Settings tab and find Auto Reassign here.

  2. Toggle the switch on. You have the choice of how often learners must complete this learning (frequency) and how long they have to complete their learning (duration).

  3. Once you have selected your auto reassign settings for the course, click “Save” to apply these changes.

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