With the Go1 Workplace App, the user can explore learning resources from the Go1 Premium library right within Workplace. Go1 Premium is a comprehensive collection of hundreds of thousands of workforce learning and development resources from the world's best providers.

Step 1

To explore the Go1 library within Workplace, open the Workplace chat app and navigate to your conversation with the Go1 chatbot. Then, enter “explore” from the menu list in chat or from the menu icon in the bottom right.

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Step 2

The Go1 discover page will open in a web view - displaying several Go1 topic carousels.

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These carousels will populate with the most popular content under each of the defined topics. Within the discover page, you can use the search and filters to find learning of interest.

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Step 3

To preview or start learning - open a learning item and select “start”.

If you’re on a mobile, a new window will be launched within the Workplace web view - which will load the Go1 Player, and you’ll be able to begin the learning item. Similarly, if you’re on a desktop, a new tab will be launched loading the Go1 player, and you’ll be able to begin the learning item.

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