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Go1 Learning app for Workplace from Meta
Installing the Go1 app for Workplace from Meta
Installing the Go1 app for Workplace from Meta

How to get started with the Go1 Workplace app.

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As a learning manager, you will most likely be wanting to install the Go1 Workplace app to your organization's Workplace platform. This article covers how to install and work with your your Workplace administrator to finalise the set up.

Step 1: Find the Go1 Workplace from Facebook App and begin the installation

In the list of Workplace integrations, you can search for the Go1 app.

Once you’ve opened the Go1 Integration page, click “Visit Site to Install”.

You'll be taken to the Go1 + Workplace installation page. Make sure you’ve got your login credentials as an Administrator of both Workplace and Go1 on hand. Select “Setup Go1 + Workplace” to kick off the process.

Step 2: Connect with your Go1 Account

If this is the first time your organization has added the Go1 Workplace App into their Workplace platform, the user will be prompted to sign in to their Go1 account, or Create a free account.

Important: If you have an existing account you will want to click login so that you sign into your existing Go1 account. Creating a new account will create a whole new account that will not have all your curated content, playlists or reporting.

Step 3: Authorising the Go1 app

Once you have successfully logged in and authorized with Go1, you will be directed to Workplace to confirm your Go1 Integration Settings.

You can choose to ‘Customise’ the app by changing the title, description or image. You can also choose to limit the app to a subset of Workplace Groups. Finally once complete, click the Add to Workplace button & you’re ready to go.

You’ll be able to see the install app at any time within your Workplace account by navigating to Admin > Integrations. You can also open the app to edit the app settings or uninstall it.

If your Workplace from Meta administrator has any questions about this authorization, they can email [email protected].

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