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How to View and Export Learner's individual Answer Attempts
How to View and Export Learner's individual Answer Attempts

This article will guide you in viewing and exporting individual learner's answer attempts in a quiz.

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As an admin, you are allowed to view the learner's individual quiz attempts on one page. This function is very helpful if you wish to see how your learners did a quiz, when did they attempt to do it, how many times they've attempted to do it and what are the scores they got on each attempt.

This feature is only possible in quizzes built in your own portal using the Go1 creation tool. Interactive learning items are currently not supported.

To view learners' individual answer attempts, you must follow the steps as written below:

  1. Log in as an admin

  2. Click your Initials/avatar at the top right-hand side of your dashboard

  3. Click 'Administer'

  4. Go to the course you wish to view

  5. From the course overview page, click the quiz you wish to view

  6. Click 'Results'

  7. Scroll down and look for the 'Individual answer attempts' section

  8. From there, you will see the learner's attempts to each question in the quiz

  9. Just like the other report function, you can also use 'Filter' and 'Config' to specify the data you wish to appear in your report.

Please watch the video to visualize the steps

As an admin, you are also allowed to export the data on this page.

  1. Click the box beside the name you wish to export or choose all by clicking the very top box

  2. Once you've chosen the data that you wish to export, the 'Export' button will appear

  3. Click the 'Export as CSV' button then download

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