How to export an individual resource as a SCORM package

How to export a SCORM or xAPI (TinCan) package

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We believe in accommodating the systems and platforms already in use within your organization and providing the best, lowest friction means for your employees to access learning.

If you would like to deliver Go1 Premium resources through your own Learning Management System (LMS), you can do so by exporting the learning content from your Go1 Platform as SCORM or xAPI (TinCan) packages, then uploading those packages into your LMS. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export a single resource as a SCORM or xAPI (TinCan) Package. Go1 Premium also provides the ability for you to export a number of resources as individual SCORM files.

Getting started

We will make Go1 Platform available to you so that you can browse the learning available through Go1 Premium, and curate the content you wish to use.

In order to download content you wish to use, please first check that your Go1 Platform has the SCORM and xAPI export add-on integration enabled. 

You can find the SCORM and xAPI settings by selecting your user account's avatar from the top navigation, followed by Integrations.

From the list of available Add-on integrations, locate the SCORM and xAPI section and select the toggle so that it is ON.

Once enabled, select SCORM and xAPI from the Add-ons menu. From the SCORM and xAPI page, select the button Generate Application ID to activate.

Now that the SCORM and xAPI add-on is enabled, you can download SCORM and xAPI packages for the learning content on your Go1 Platform. 

Export learning content as a SCORM or xAPI package

Navigate to Explore from the top navigation and search for the content you wish to download. Find more about searching for content.

Once you have located the content you wish to download:

  1. Select the more (...) button from the slat for that item of content

  2. Select the option: Settings

  3. You will navigate to the Settings available for that item of learning. 

  4. Select the tab: "Publish/Sharing"

  5. You can download that item of learning content as a SCORM package, an xAPI file, or publish it to an LTI.

  6. Once you have selected to download to SCORM or xAPI, the zip file will download to your computer, ready for upload into your Learning Management System.

Note: If the SCORM and xAPI Add-On is not enabled, the Publish/Share tab will display as follows:

Want to use this course somewhere else within your Go1 Platform?

Please re-use the existing content through the course editor instead.

Exporting a course out of Go1 and then importing it back into the Go1 Platform as a new interactive learning resource will cause SCORM-generated user accounts on your Go1 Platform.

Lots to download?

If you have a large number of items of learning content to download, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 

For any questions or feedback on the experience downloading content from your Go1 Platform, please reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through our live chat.

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