In this tutorial you will learn how to Export a Report from your portal. 

To Export a Report on all your users and their status: 

  1. Start by going to the Administer page located under the drop down menu from your name. 
  2. Once in the Administer page you can click on the "Users" Tab which is located second from the left. 
  3. To export a report on your learners, simply click the top left box which will automatically select all your learners. (You can also check boxes next to the names of specific users if you are looking for a smaller report)
  4. Once you have selected all of your learners or individually selected learners you wish to report on, above the list you will find an "Export as CSV" button which will allow you to export the data as a CSV report in Excel.
  5. Wait a moment for the file to create and then press "Download"

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