The Content Curation Tool allows Admins to generate hand-curated Playlists in the Go1 Platform to meet your learning needs to then share, export, and learn.

Leveraging the Go1 Content Curation Team's expertise and staff picks, you can be confident that you are being recommended the best quality and most relevant content.

Who can view the curated playlists?

  • This is visible to Administrators and Content Administrators

  • If you have over ten thousand pieces of learning content from your Premium subscription will be able to see the Curation tool.

  • If you have a Premium subscription and cannot see the tool, it is likely that you have limited what content is visible via the Content Selector tool.

  • If you have fewer than ten thousand pieces of content (like content bundles), you will not see the feature.

How to use the Curation tool

  1. Navigate to ‘My Playlists’ from the Dashboard

  2. Select ‘Create’, then ‘Curated Playlist(s)’

  3. From here, you can select your preferred region and topics that interest you

  4. Once these have been selected, the hand-picked curated Playlists will be duplicated to your My Playlist area

Once a Playlist has been generated, you can edit them to make them contextual to your organization:

  • Add learning by clicking into the Playlist and selecting 'add content'

  • Remove content from the ellipsis (...) against each course

  • Drag and drop to reorder learning

From the ellipsis in the top right, there is a range of additional actions:

  • Export the whole Playlist

  • Share the Playlist to other users within the Go1 Platform, including a copy link to share outside of the Go1 Platform

  • Settings to edit title and description

  • Remove the whole Playlist

Start a conversation

Do you have any questions or feedback on Curation Tool, or would you like to suggest a Playlist for Go1 to include? We're here to chat. Please reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team through the live chat, or contact your Customer Success Manager today.

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