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Curating content using Playlists
Curating content using Playlists

A guide to building engaging playlists for your learners

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Creating a personalized and effective learning experience is key to engaging learners. With Go1 Admin, you can curate content tailored to your learners' needs using "My Playlists". This guide will walk you through the process of creating, populating, and refining playlists to enhance your learning offerings.

Getting Started with Playlists

Creating a New Playlist: Navigate to the "My Playlists" tab in Go1 Admin. Here, you can start building your playlist by clicking on “Create a playlist”. You'll be prompted to give your playlist a title and description. You also have the option to upload an image that best represents the theme or content of your playlist.

Adding Content to Your Playlist: Once your playlist is set up, you can begin adding content by clicking “Add items”. This allows you to search through the library and find suitable items to include.

Previewing Content: Before adding items to your playlist, you can preview them by clicking on the item. This opens a rich content preview, giving you a better understanding of how it fits into your playlist.

Finalizing and Sharing Your Playlist

Once you are satisfied with your playlist, you can click to add the playlist to your library. This makes it visible and accessible to learners in their portal.

Editing Your Playlist

You can edit your playlist by navigating to the My Playlists tab and clicking on the playlist you wish to edit. You can then add new items to the playlist, remove items or change the order of items in the playlist.

Playlists that have been added to Library can still be edited, any changes you make will carry across.

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