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How to add, edit and remove due-date in assigned learning items
How to add, edit and remove due-date in assigned learning items
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There are three ways to assign a learning item with a due date. Each procedure has its purpose.

Adding a due date to a course via course settings - this procedure is only available for course level only. This auto-generates a due date upon course enrollment (if the 'completion rule is chosen'). From the course settings, the admin can also set a specific due date, which can be applied to assigned and directly enrolled users.

Adding due date upon individual assignment - this is mainly used if there is no intention to use group assignment. Admin can directly assign the learning item to users and add a dude date upon assignment.

Adding a due date via group assignment - this is mostly used by big organizations or those organizations with multiple departments with different requirements. Assigning via group allows them to bulk assign learning items and add a dude date.

How to assign learning items with a due-date

Setting up a due date via course setting is helpful if you don't want to set up a due date every time you assign the learning item to learners.

  • Go to Course

  • Click Settings

  • Add 'Specific Date' or 'Completion Rule'

Setting up a Duedate Upon individual Assignment - This is useful if you are assigning the learning item individually, not in groups

  • Go to the course

  • From the overview page, click 'Assign.'

  • Choose the user you wish to assign

  • Assign with a due-date

Assigning with a due date via group is very useful if you wish to do the assignment in bulk.

  • Go to the group

  • From the overview page, at the top right-hand side, click the Assign button

  • Choose from the available learning items

  • Click 'Continue'

  • Set up the due date, then assign

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How to Edit or Remove a due-date from an Assigned learning item

Assigned via course settings

  • Go to course settings

  • Click Timeframe settings

  • To edit the due date - under completion settings -specific date, click the calendar icon and choose a new due-date

  • To remove the due date - Under completion settings, tick 'None'

  • Click 'Save

How to Edit or Remove a due-date from a learning item assigned individually or via group

  • Go to the course

  • Click Manage

  • Hit the very top box to edit the due date in bulk

  • Click the three dots at the bottom right-hand side

  • Click 'Edit due date'

  • To edit - Change the date, click 'update'

  • To remove the due date - click 'Remove' then click 'Update'


If the learner was assigned with a due date to a content individually (e.g. Nov 1 ), then, later on, the same content was assigned to the group where that same learner is a member of with a later due date ( e. g. Nov 15 ), Due date will update based on the last due date assigned in the group.

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