Assign learning

Assign learning to individual learners, or via a Group

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In order to assign learning, log in to your Go1 Platform as an Administrator or Manager.

Search for learning you would like to assign, then select the more (...) button next to that course or resource.

Assign by one

Select Assign from the list of options from the more (...) button.

A window will pop up through which you can search for learners to assign to that content. Search can be via name or email address. You can assign up to 50 learners at one time from this window, or keep reading to learn how to quickly assign to a larger group. Managers will only be able to assign learners they already manage.

You can then choose to set a due date; this can be based on a number of days or months, or you can choose a specific date.

Select Assign to proceed. Learners will receive an email notification about their new assigned learning, and the assigned learners will appear within that course or resource's Manage page.

Assign in Bulk

Scenario 1 · Assign learning to a Group

Save time and bypass Award creation. Whether Groups are based on a Topic or Team, they offer a better way to deliver multiple pieces of learning to multiple learners.

Admins can select multiple Groups from within the Assign modal against a piece of learning content, across the Platform. Just make sure the Group has been created first!

Assign with relative due dates to Groups

Relative due dates allow a Learner to complete their training within a specified timeframe, as opposed to a set date. This is especially important functionality to support the ongoing workflow of adding new users to Groups when they join an organization.

  1. Go to any location in the Platform where they can 'assign' learning, and a pop up will appear

  2. Once users or Groups have been identified, they can select their preferred due date, frequency, and number

  3. If a fixed due date is selected when assigning to a Group, a banner will appear to encourage the Administrator to switch to relative due dates

Scenario 2 · Assign learning outside a Group

You can also assign the learning from the Manage screen, which is available from that same more (...) button on the course or resource search result, and from the Manage link on the Course Overview (shown below).

  1. At the top of the Manage display, you will see a banner notifying you of the number of people on your Go1 Platform who are not currently assigned this course or resource.

  2. From this banner, select the button: Assign now.

  3. A window will pop up, showing a list of these learners.

  4. Select all of the learners shown using the checkbox at the top of the popup, or manually select, or deselect learners from this list using the checkboxes to the left of each learner. You can search for learners by their name or email address in order to select or deselect that learner. You can also search for groups here on the manage page and all locations where assign is possible.

Once you have determined the list of learners, select Continue.

You then have the option to set a due date; either a relative due date with number of days or months, or select an exact date.

Lastly, select Assign to proceed.

Your selected learners will then receive an email from Go1, informing them of their new assigned learning, and they will learners will now appear within the Assigned section of this course or resource's Manage page.

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