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How to Manage Due Dates in Assigned Learning Items
How to Manage Due Dates in Assigned Learning Items
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There are three ways to assign a learning item with a due date. Each procedure has its purpose.

Adding a due date to a course via course settings - this procedure is only available for course level only. This auto-generates a due date upon course enrollment (if the 'completion rule is chosen'). From the course settings, the admin can also set a specific due date, which can be applied to assigned and directly enrolled users.

Adding due date upon individual assignment - this is mainly used if there is no intention to use group assignment. Admin can directly assign the learning item to users and add a dude date upon assignment.

Adding a due date via group assignment - this is mostly used by big organizations or those organizations with multiple departments with different requirements. Assigning via group allows them to bulk assign learning items and add a dude date.

How to assign learning items with a due-date

Setting up a due date via course setting is helpful if you don't want to set up a due date every time you assign the learning item to learners.

  • Go to Course

  • Click Settings

  • Add 'Specific Date' or 'Completion Rule'

Setting up a Duedate Upon individual Assignment - This is useful if you are assigning the learning item individually, not in groups

  • Go to the course

  • From the overview page, click 'Assign.'

  • Choose the user you wish to assign

  • Assign with a due-date

Assigning with a due date via group is very useful if you wish to do the assignment in bulk.

  • Go to the group

  • From the overview page, at the top right-hand side, click the Assign button

  • Choose from the available learning items

  • Click 'Continue'

  • Set up the due date, then assign

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How to Edit or Remove a due-date from an Assigned learning item

Assigned via course settings

  • Go to course settings

  • Click Timeframe settings

  • To edit the due date - under completion settings -specific date, click the calendar icon and choose a new due-date

  • To remove the due date - Under completion settings, tick 'None'

  • Click 'Save

How to Edit or Remove a due-date from a learning item assigned individually or via group

  • Go to the course

  • Click Manage

  • Hit the very top box to edit the due date in bulk

  • Click the three dots at the bottom right-hand side

  • Click 'Edit due date'

  • To edit - Change the date, click 'update'

  • To remove the due date - click 'Remove' then click 'Update'


If a learner is assigned a learning item individually or through a group with a due date, and later, the same content is assigned to a group that the learner belongs to, the due date will be updated based on the latest assignment.

The same applies if a learner belongs to two groups and the learning item is assigned to those groups. Any change to the due date in one of the groups will update the due date based on the most recent change.

The due date is determined by the most recent assignment, regardless of the initially set date.

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