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Blinkist Premium FAQs
Blinkist Premium FAQs

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What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is an easy-to-use micro-learning platform and mobile app that provides thousands of short and powerful audio and text explainers from the world’s top nonfiction authors, experts, and coaches. Blinkist distills books and podcasts down to their key ideas and partners with experts and authors to create one-of-a-kind mini courses to guide learners through in-demand topics.

How can my learners access Blinkist Premium and what happens at the end of the trial?

Learners can access Blinkist Premium when they create an account after scanning the QR code from the pop-up window that appears when they consume Blinkist content from the Go1 library or any content labelled “Business Skills” or “Personal Development.” Learners can access Blinkist Premium on the Blinkist mobile or web apps. At the end of the trial, learners will lose access to Blinkist Premium but can continue to consume a subset of Blinkist content via the Go1 library and utilize the free version of Blinkist’s mobile app.

Will they be asked for a credit card or any other information as part of the trial?

They will only be asked to create a Blinkist account when they download the Blinkist mobile app, but will not be asked for payment information.

What can learners do in the Blinkist mobile app with their Premium account?

Learners can...

  • Browse and consume thousands of titles from books, podcasts, and articles in around 15 minutes

  • Read or listen to content during their commute, at home, or anywhere in between

  • Create digital book clubs via Blinkist Spaces

  • Save, highlight, and organize content

View the Learner guide to claiming the offer here.

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