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Deploy pre-curated playlists in Go1 Platform
Deploy pre-curated playlists in Go1 Platform

Get the most out of Go1 Premium content through pre-curated playlists using the Go1 Platform

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Discover new ideas, get to know a range of content providers, and create a pipeline of learning to motivate your team and support their growth.

There are a couple of ways to search or explore pre-curated playlists on the Go1 platform.

Using the Go1 Content Selector

As an Admin, you can find the content selector in the user menu under "Content".

Under Content Hub, use the Playlists tab to view all available playlists. You can browse all playlists, or search by provider, topic, or title.

From here, you can choose to add an entire playlist to your Library (making it available to all your learners) or view the playlist and add specific courses.

On the playlist overview screen you can:

  • Add the playlist to your library

  • Export the playlist

  • Choose individual courses to add to your library

ℹ️ Note: If you're happy for learners to see and explore all playlists, you can toggle "Auto add all to my library" for Playlists. This will make it easier for you to explore playlists and customise them.

Searching and exploring playlists in your library

Once you have playlists in your library (Either through manually adding a selection or auto-adding all), you'll be able to find them through Search and Explore.

Explore all playlists

To view all available playlists, go to Explore and click on View all near the top of the page.

From here you can click on the Playlists tab to view a list of all playlists.

You can filter by Topics or search for a playlist provider or title.

Using playlists

From a playlist page you save or export the entire playlist. Or you can choose to action individual courses in the playlist.

Going further

For a more details on how to manage playlists, see these articles:

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