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How to Create a Request in Go1Pay
How to Create a Request in Go1Pay

Learn how to request a resource from outside and inside our Go1Pay platform.

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With Go1Pay, you can purchase any learning resource almost anywhere in the world. In our platform, you can find a large variety of resources and request one of them; however, you can also create a request to purchase something outside Go1Pay; here, we'll learn how to do both.

Requesting a resource outside Go1Pay

Once you log in, you'll be taken to the Go1 homepage. From there, you'll need to click on the Go1Pay button.

Then, you'll be shown your wallet and need to click on "New Request".

A modal will display here, asking what item you'd like to request. Please add the URL of what you'd like to purchase so we can find more information about it and click on "Next".

Next, you'll have to confirm certain details when creating your request. These are some of them:

1. Private request

You can choose if you want your request to be "private, "meaning it won't be shared on the company feeds.

2. Price

In this step, you'll have to confirm how much you'll need to purchase what you want. We'll be generating a virtual debit card for you to complete your request, so remember to double-check the provider's website for the price and currency and add in any extras you might need, like shipping or tax-related costs.

After creating the request and clicking "View Request," you'll see a card with the status "Waiting for approval." This means a notification will be sent to someone at your company to approve the request. Once they do, we'll let you know and generate a virtual prepaid debit card for you to complete your purchase on the provider's website.

Now, you'll need to go to the provider's website and use your card there as you'd use any personal debit or credit card. If you need more information on this, please go to our article "How to use my Go1Pay card".

You can view the status of all your requests by clicking "Go1Pay" and "All".

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