Create a Quiz

How to create a quiz

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A quiz provides a user with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on relevant content but can also be utilized as feedback materials in the form of long-answer responses. In order to create a quiz, you will need to select Quiz within the drop-down option learning items. To complete your creation, you will need to input a minimum of one question from the available selections (as follows):

  • Multi-choice Question: A question with various options (2 or more) to select as an answer. It is possible to have more than 1 correct answer and provide feedback for specific choices.

  • Matching Question: A question followed by a list of "locks" and a list of "keys". Each lock will need a key to match in order to get that particular question correct. You can have as many locks and keys as you like so long as they link up to a corresponding match.

  • Fill-in-blank Question: A question where a user will manually enter in a word to "fill in the blank". 

  • Long Answer Type: A free text response which will require assessing. 

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