How to Add Questions to your Quiz

How to add different questions to your quiz

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This article will go over with you how you can add all different kinds of questions for your quizzes .

A Fill-In-The-Blank

A fill-in-the-blank question requires a user to type in a word to complete a sentence. The author has the ability to either provide the user with a drop-down menu of correct answers, or to simply leave the box blank. 

To achieve this, the author will input a question but will utilize square brackets to indicate the missing word. If there is more than one option, answers are to be separated by a comma with the correct option coming first. An example question is as follows:

[The] Sun rises in the [east, west, north, south]. 

Multi-Choice Questions

A multi-choice question will provide a user with 2+ optional answers for a specified question. 

The "name" of the question is only visible to an admin; however, "Question" will be visible to all users. An admin will click "Add answer" to input as many answers as they wish for the question. They can then mark an answer as YES (for a correct answer) or NO (for an incorrect answer). 

You can have more than 1 correct answers.

Matching Question

A question followed by a list of "locks" and a list of "keys". Each lock will need a key to be matched in order to get that particular question correct. 

You can have as many locks and keys as you like so long as they link up to a corresponding match. For example, a question might be "Match the country with the capital city". One of the "lock" options might be Australia, meaning one of the "key" options would be Canberra. A user would then drag the Canberra key over to the Australia lock.

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