An award may be defined as an accumulation of specific courses and/or learning items to achieve a greater learning outcome. 

One of Your companies goals could be to have a system of recognizing customer service staff who complete courses to ascertain Gold, Silver and Bronze Customer Service levels. 

This can be achieved using awards. Utilizing awards, we can create Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and assign a target number of points a user must accumulate, the courses that are eligible for that award and the points allocated for completing each course.

Create an Award

To begin creating an award, select your name from the top right > Administer > Awards > +Create Awards.

Enter the name of the award and upload an image under add image. You are then presented with the option of three separate "goals" which will form the objectives for the award. They are as follows:

  • Complete any: This will provide users with a number of courses and learning resources as selected by the author and the user will need to complete any one of those to complete the award.
  • Reach the target: An allocation of points to courses based on weight at the discretion of the author. A user will then need to obtain a certain amount of points through course completion to earn the award.
  • Track ongoing learning: A combination of courses and learning resources with no defined target for the award. 

Once a goal has been selected, scroll down and select Add a Course. You can then search all courses available and add as many as you wish into the award. If "Reach the Target" has been selected, under each course card you can assign a certain value of credits. Completion of these courses will accumulate towards the set target in order to complete the award.

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