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Award Expiration Logic
Award Expiration Logic
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The award is where you put your content into one place. These are the learning items that have expiration or are required to be retaken after a certain period of time.

Some facts about the award feature are as follows:

  1. Unlike groups, the award does not auto-assign the learning items to users.

  2. Compiling learning items into an award doesn't mean the users will be auto-reenrolled after the expiration date.

  3. Award will send expiration reminders to users before the expiration, on the date of expiration, and after the expiration date. (See Applying, Checking, and Emails about Due Dates to a course)

  4. An expired award does not restrict learners from accessing or completing the learning items even after the expiration.

  5. Learners should be enrolled in the award in order to acknowledge their individual completion. Even if learners have completed all the learning items within the award, but learners did not enroll, award completion will not be triggered.
    Recent update: Learners should no longer need to manually enroll in the award, the enrollment will now trigger once the learner enrolled in the course added in the award. However, if the learner has previously completed the course before the award assignment, the learner should still click the award's 'start' button in order to trigger the completion.

An award has two types of expiry settings:

  1. Individual completions expire after - this expiry setting works best for an award with only one content. Although you can still add more than one content, the expiry date will be based on the oldest individual completion.


  • Expiration will trigger upon individual course completion.

  • Award will show as 'completed' if the courses have been completed before the expiry date.

  • The expiry date will show in the report after the user has completed all the courses in the award.

  • If the user has completed 1 course and not the other course, no expiry date will show up in the report and the award status will remain 'in progress'.

  • The award expiry date will be based on the date of the course with the oldest completion date.

  • Award will show the 'expired' badge once the course with the latest completion date has reached the expiry date.

  • If the user has re-enrolled to the expired course, the award progress will go back to 'in-progress.'

2. Fixed Date Expiration


This one is self-explanatory. If an award has a fixed date expiry, the ‘expired’ badge will show up on the set date.

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