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How to Share Content to Users or Between Portals

How to show or hide a course in your portal or in another portal, give access to certain users only or make it visible to everyone

Updated over a week ago

There are cases where you would want to control who exactly sees the courses you create in your portal - whether it be making the course view-able to all users in the portal, a select few, a group, administrators only, or just yourself. 

By default, all new courses you make are set to private, only view-able to yourself, until you are ready to share your course with the world! (...or just your team)

To change your course's privacy settings:

  1. Go to your target course's overview while logged in as an administrator, or as the author of the course.

  2. View the Edit Content page and Select Visibility and access button on top right corner. 

  3. You will see the heading 'Currently Shared' - this shows who can currently see your course. By default it will only be shared with yourself (The author).  

  4. Above 'Currently Shared' you will typically find your portal, or you can search for individual users, or Groups and by hitting 'Share' to the right it will be added to the 'Currently Shared' list. 

If you want to share a course with a different portal, you must be an administrator in both portals.

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