Creating events

How to create an event within a course, including specifying date and location

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Before you begin: 

  • Only Admins, Content Admins or Users on portals which turn “Allow all users to create content” on can add events to course.

  • Events are compulsory for course completion.

Step 1: Select module 

Events must be added to an existing module. There are two ways to add new event to a module:

Add event to the last module in course by selecting Plus icon on the top right of course structure section.

Add event to selected module by selecting Plus icon in an existing module.

Enter a title for your event and hit Enter or select Create “Your event name”. 

Step 2: Update event information

Via the edit event form, you now can update event description and add dates to your event.

Adding Dates: 

Enter Date details on the Add date form.

  • Date / time: The start and end time must include am/pm.

  • End date: If your event runs over more than one day: select and complete the Add end date and time option.

  • Location: Enter keywords to search for created Date from other Events or select “Create location entered keywords”.

  • Location URL: Useful when the event is an online webinar.

  • Location details: Add relevant notes about the location. 


  • Only one date is required for an event (but you can add more). 

  • The timezone is the same as portal locale (but will update based on the event location you specify). 

  • All date fields will be added as description of iCalendar file in the event reminder emails. 

Attendee limit:

The Attendee limit field will be optional, meaning that a Date may have unlimited attendees. The default is all new events created will have no attendee limit defined.
If there is a limit, once the limit for an event is met, no further users will be able to enroll, or be enrolled, into that Date.

If an Attendee limit is added to a Date which has existing enrollments that exceed that limit, the existing enrollments will not be impacted, they will remain as-is, but no additional enrollments will be added


  • The Instructors field will be optional, meaning that a Date may have no instructors. The course creator would be the default Instructor.

  • The specified instructor(s), will have the ability to enroll users into that date and mark attendances for that date.

Step 4: Adding Location

Select Create location. 

Once you create a location it will be saved, and you will be able to reuse it in other Dates.

Enter Location details on Add location screen

  •  Location name: Should be unique

  • Online: Select if your event is an online event which doesn’t require a physical location.

  • Country, Address, Suburb, State are only applicable if the location is not online.   

  • Country and State would be used to detect Date timezone automatically.

Changes to event information (Title, description, dates, location) are not saved until you select DONE.

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