Applying, Checking and Emails about Due Dates to a course

How to create a course with a due date applied, how to check your due dates and learning about the email reminders involved.

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For an in-depth walk through of course creation, see How to Create Courses.

  • To create a course, click into Administer > Courses > Create Course. Set up the course to your liking with modules, learning items, events (optional) and images. 

Once you have finished editing your Course, select Done and head back to the Course Overview Page. To apply a due date to the entire course, Navigate to the "Settings" tab. In the left-hand navigation menu, click "Timeframe Settings".

Checking your Due Dates

To check due dates set for users or courses, we can use the Administer->Enrolments area.

Please select 'Config' and make sure 'Due Date' is selected from the list. Then, use 'Filter' to add filters that will best suit your needs. 

Some useful filters are:

-Set 'Type' to 'Course' to see a less detailed summary (the default shows child enrolments, which are enrolments into each item of a course and not necessary for this task).
-Search 'Type' to 'Award' to see just award due dates.
-Search by a specific course by using 'Title' and setting it to 'Contains Phrase', with a part of the course title inserted.

You may also wish to click on the Due Date column to sort the list by due dates if you wish to see the soonest upcoming dates. (Hint: due dates can be changed if needed)

Add your Course Completion Settings

Specific Date: A specific Due Date to complete the course
Completion Rule: A custom due date based off Enrollment being the trigger (eg. due 5 days after enrolment)
None: Default setting. No due date applied.

Additional information:

  • You can also set Module specific due dates. Read about those here. 

Email Reminders

Where an expiry or due date has been set for learning, the below reminders will be automatically sent out:

 1. Upcoming Due Date/Expiry Date: Email will be sent 75% of the way towards the date.
 2. The Due Date/Expiry Date: Email will be sent the day of.
 3. Passed Due Date/Expiry Date: Email will be sent 2 days after.

These reminders can be turned off by full administrators via Portal Settings.

Please note: a minimum of a 3-day due period is required for the 'upcoming due date' reminder to trigger, meaning that the time between assigning an item and its set due date must be at least 3 days.

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