Recognize existing enrollments

How course authors can recognise the learners course progress in courses with reused standalone learning item

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Before you Begin

  •  Portal Admin, Content Admin can see the toggle setting of any courses that are created on their portals 

  • Course Authors can only see the toggle setting of their courses 

Turn on the toggle setting 

  1. Access 'Setting' tab of a course 

  2. Access the 'Enrollment settings' side navigation 

  3. Turn on 'Use existing enrollments for reused content' 

  4. Select 'Save' button  

 How Learners choose for prior learning to be recognized  

Given that the toggle in setting is ON 

  1. Learner opens a reused learning item in a course

  2. See a confirmation popup if the reused learning is already completed and passed 

3. Select 'Yes, Recognize my progress' 

4. See the reused learning item marked as completed and passed

Important: GO1 can only recognize the reused learning item that has been completed and passed. For other enrollment status, system will not show the confirmation popup. Once the system synced the completed and passed progress to the learning item, turning off the toggle will not update the status. 

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