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Recommendations (settings)

How to select your organisation topics of interest

Updated over a week ago

Portal Admins or Content Admin can improve their portal content recommendations by updating their recommendations in Portal Setting > Recommendations. 

The selection of business areas and topics of interest applies at the portal level for all users on the portal. 

All existing portals will by-default have nothing selected in portal settings:

Identify the business areas in your organization:

Select the topics of interest relevant to your company:

GO1 has provided a fixed list of 36 topics for you to choose from that map to our Premium content available.

Once an Admin updates their  recommendations, when you Select Explore form the top navigation bar, GO1 will now have new recommended topics and contents based on your selection! You can always update and change your recommendations via the portal settings. 

Top Tip!
Don't forget to update or add your company industry in Portal Settings> Portal Information.


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