Use GO1's content suggestions to guide your learning.

Browse for content through the Explore section of your GO1 Portal

GO1 Portals provide the ability for learners to browse for learning content on topics of interest, and to search for learning content based on the values that are important to them.

For GO1 Portals containing more than 1000 items from GO1 Premium within their portal content selection, learners can browse for content by selecting Explore from the top navigation. Learners on such portals will have access to an Explore dashboard.

The Explore dashboard comprises a number of "content blocks"; sections surfacing content relevant to the users on your GO1 Portal.

The Explore dashboard content blocks are as follows:

  • Top learning in [topic]: Recommends the top 5 items of learning content for that topic.

  • New content: Content most recently added to your GO1 Portal

Note: If your GO1 Portal is not subscribed to GO1 Premium, or your portal content selection contains less than 1000 items of GO1 Premium content, selecting Explore from the top navigation will instead take you straight through to the search results display.

Topic landing pages

GO1 Portals containing the majority (at least 40,000 items) of the GO1 Premium library within their portal content selection also provide the opportunity for learners to browse for content by topic. 

Select a topic from the Explore dashboard to access the topic landing page, surfacing popular content within that topic, and featured content suggested by GO1.

Looking for something in particular? 

As an alternative to entering a keyword search through the search box within the top navigation, learners can select the button: View All from the Explore dashboard to go straight through to all search results, displaying all of the content available to you on your GO1 Portal. Learn more about searching for content.

Any questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback on your experience finding learning content. Our friendly support team are available 24/7 through our live chat.

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