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How to search for learning on your Go1 Platform
How to search for learning on your Go1 Platform

Learn how to use the search to get the most out of your learning

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Your Go1 Platform enables you to browse for learning content based on topics of interest or search for something specific based on the values important to you.

How to get the most out of Search & Explore

Empower users to discover courses that interest them

  • Search enables users to discover learning through common search terms, topics and course titles, against your own-created content, and the Go1 Content Hub.

Find high quality, relevant courses

  • Use filters to quickly find what you’re looking for - especially compliance content relevant to your region.

  • Results are filtered by user-generated review and Go1 quality assurance (star-rating).

Save courses for later

  • Whether you’re curating on behalf of learners or finding courses for your own development, saving courses saves you time – no need to search for them again.

  • Find this handy ‘Saved’ collection under My Learning.

Personalize your recommendations

  • Users can personalize recommendations by setting topics of interest.

How to use Search & Explore

To look for content from any page within your Go1 Platform, learners can select the search bar from the top navigation, then type to input the information they are looking for, whether that be a particular topic, provider, or title of a learning item. 

Select from the suggested search options, or tap enter to access the full search results. Completing this search will surface search results for that value across all types of content (Course, Interactive, Video, Links, Text, Documents, Awards). 

Courses containing events also surfaced through the additional tab: Events, which will only display if events exist on that Go1 Platform.

Filter Definitions

Learners can filter down the search results by several values, beginning with those available by default:

  • Topic: The subject matter, or category, addressed by that learning content

  • Duration: The length of time required to complete that learning content

  • Provider: The name of the organization offering that learning content

Topic and Provider will only display if there are values associated with those filters.

More filters

Additional filters are also available through a popup by selecting More filters:

  • Content type: The delivery method for that learning content 

  • Tags: The keyword terms associated with that learning content

  • Price: Whether the learning is available without charge or is available for individual purchase through our Marketplace

  • Regions: The area for which this learning is relevant. Include Global to see learning relevant to everyone.

  • Language: The language in which the learning is delivered

  • Language dialects: The dialect or accent in which the learning is delivered.

Select a filter to see a list of the values available for selection for that filter. 

Select one or multiple values, and if you're looking for a specific value, use the search field within that filter to find it quickly. Once you click away, the search will update to display the results associated with the selected values. 

If you select multiple values within a filter, e.g. Topic, the results will show content related to any of the selected topics. 

By default, search results are sorted to show the most relevant content first (based on the values you have searched). You can change this sort through the dropdown toggle at the top right of the search results to instead sort by:

  • Popular: based on the number of enrolments in that learning content, in descending order

  • Most relevant: calculated based on the parameters you have searched by, preferencing content determined to be Top Rated

  • Latest: the date the learning content was published, in descending order

  • Alphabetical: A-Z by title

Not sure?

If these instructions are unclear or if you have feedback on your experience searching for content on your Go1 Platform, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our 24/7 support team is available through our live chat.

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