Choosing your learning topics

Tell us what you're interested in learning

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To get the most out of your Go1 user account and achieve your learning goals, select from a list of topics or categories you would like to learn more about. We'll then suggest learning to you based on those interests.

Selecting your topics

When you first log into your Go1 user account, you'll be asked to select topic areas that interest you via a prompt on your Dashboard.

From the page What are you interested in learning? you will see a list of learning topics.

  • You can select as many topics as you want.

  • If you cannot find your interests in the default topics shown, click on Show more topics to see all available topics.

  • If you're not ready to choose any learning topics, simply hit the Skip button.

After selecting topics of interest, choose the Dashboard button to return Home. Learn more about your Dashboard.

Updating your topics of interest

You can review your current topics of interest by selecting Account Settings from the navigation, then Recommendations.

Add or update this list of topics by then clicking the Tell us more button.

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