For larger organizations, you may desire to have individual Go1 Platforms for your multiple brands or regions. We've made it possible for you to Administer multiple Go1 Platforms; including the ability to create and group content in one Go1 Platform, an d then share it to one or multiple other Go1 Platforms.

For those with multiple instances of the Go1 Platform, you have the ability to share a group of learning from one Go1 Platform, to one or multiple other Go1 Platforms. This ensures that content is created and edited in one place, while still available across the other Go1 Platforms administered by you. Learn more about grouping content.

Portal Admin, Content Admin, Group Owner from the original portal (where the group is created) can:

  1. Select 'Visibility and access' button in the top right once inside the Group edit mode

  2. See 'Visibility and access' modal popup with 'This Group' option selected by default

  3. Search portals that user wants to add the group to and select portals from auto completion list 

Now see the portal selected in 'Current Access' section 

  • Select 'x' to close the popup

Portal Admin, Content Admin from recipient portals -> where you have shared the Group select:

  1.  Portal Setting → Portal Content Selection 

  2.  'Select Content' button under 'Share with <this portal name>' section 

  1. Select the 'Group' tab from the Portal content selection setting:

  2. Select '+' button on the Group card to add it to the portal

Navigate back to the previous page and make sure the checkbox next to 'Custom selection'  under 'Share with <this portal name>' has been ticked. 

Part 2 : Remove Group access from the selected portal 

Given that a group is shared to a portal AND the recipient portal adds the group AND there are some users who have Joined the group

  1. Select 'Visibility and access' button in the top right corner of the group edit mode

  2. Select 'x' button next to selected portals 

  3. See a confirmation popup 

  4. Select 'Yes, Remove' button 

Once you remove the Group from a shared portal -> all the Learners added to the group (and the group) itself will not longer be visible. For users who have enrolled in the added learnings - they will be able to continue to access it until they mark it as complete Once complete users will no longer be able to access the learning items. 

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Portal Admins and Content Admins can share the groups (created on their portals) to their portal or other portals. 

  • Group Owners can share their groups (groups that are created by them) to their current portal or other portals. 

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