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Learn all about navigating Go1 as a Learner

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When getting started as a Learner on Go1, you navigate to areas of the Go1 Platform via two menus:

  1. the main menu across the top of the page, and

  2. a dropdown menu accessible by selecting your profile/avatar from the top right corner

Below is a summary of the areas available from these menus.

Main menu

  • Home: This may appear as your organisation’s logo, the Go1 logo, or something else. Selecting this image will return you to your Learning Dashboard.

  • Search bar: Sits on the top navigation (visible from all pages within Go1 Platform) and will expand when you begin searching for learning by typing in the name of a course, a provider, a topic, or a keyword.

  • Explore: Browse for learning by topic, or click View All from the Explore page to access the full search settings.

  • Groups: Learn alongside your team members through Groups.

  • My Learning: See all of the learning in which you are enrolled, that you have been assigned, and that you have previously completed.

  • Notifications: See a list of your recent notifications on your learning via the notification bell icon.

Secondary dropdown menu

Selecting your profile picture or avatar will expand a menu with the options:

  • View profile: View and manage your profile, including your avatar, and access a copy of your learning records.

  • Account Settings: Manage your account, including your name, email address, and password.

  • Terms: View the terms agreed to as part of accessing this Go1 Platform.

  • Privacy Policy: View the Privacy Policy agreed to as part of accessing this Go1 Platform.

  • Logout: Log out of your Go1 Platform user account.

Mobile displays

On smaller displays such as the iPhone, the key learning actions are available via an icon on the top left. Most pages of the Go1 Platform are available within the secondary dropdown menu, which remains accessible via your profile picture/avatar.

Main menu on mobile

Selecting the menu icon expands to show the options:

  • Home

  • Explore

  • Groups

Dropdown menu on mobile

  • View profile

  • My playlists

  • My learning

  • Account Settings

  • Terms

  • Privacy Policy

  • Logout

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