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Save content from Explore

All users can now save any course or resource from Explore to their 'Saved' tab, within 'My Learning'.

Updated over a week ago


We are excited to let you know that all users in your Go1 Platform will now be able to save content directly from Explore, into the new Saved tab from within My Learning!

This is hugely beneficial if you need to find content now, but want to watch at a later date.

  • As an admin, this assists greatly with your curation process as you shortlist content to share with your Learners.

  • For Learners, this is a great way to keep tabs on the content you want to watch at a more convenient time.

How do I save content?

From Explore, simply click the save button on the right-hand-side of the course or resource, and you will see a confirmation message indicating it is now added to My Learning.

Want to remove content from your Saved collection?

Simple! With one click, you can remove content from you Saved list. A quick refresh of your browser, and these pieces of content will disappear from view.

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