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How can an admin integrate Zapier and automate things?
How can an admin integrate Zapier and automate things?
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Introduction to Zapier with GO1

Setup Instructions

The steps below outline how to connect your GO1 portal with Zapier, in order to create and use GO1 zaps!

  1. Sign up to Zapier
    To use the GO1 Zapier Integration, you will need your own Zapier account. If you don’t have a Zapier account, you can sign up here:

  2. Enable Zapier in your GO1 Portal, & generate an API key
    To begin using Zapier, you’ll first need to enable the integration inside of your GO1 Portal, and generate an API key that will be used in step 3 to connect your GO1 portal to your Zapier account. To do this, follow the below steps:

  3. Create a new GO1 Zap (& connect your GO1 portal to Zapier)
    Using the API key you generated in step 2, connect your GO1 Portal to Zapier when you create a new Zap. Follow the steps to connect your GO1 Portal.

  4. Your GO1 Portal will now be connected to Zapier, you can complete your zap by creating a zap trigger or easily link the zap trigger you need that's available for go1 zap and test!


This third party system is free for limited use and would have its own associated costs if you're interested.

Under Zapier's free subscription, you get 5 single-stepped Zaps, and 100 tasks (aka runs of those 5 Zaps).

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