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A Guide for Activating Our Go1 Integration for Slack
A Guide for Activating Our Go1 Integration for Slack

The Go1 integration for Slack sends instant notifications, approval alerts, and real-time updates from Go1Pay to your Slack channel.

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Once the integration is activated, the following notifications will be delivered via Slack: Approval Notifications to Managers and Completed Purchases.

Learn more about the notifications of our Integration for Slack in the following article Go1 Integration for Slack: Purchase and Approval Notifications.

Follow these steps to activate our integration for Slack.

Before installing the app:

  1. A Go1 portal configured with the Integration for Slack feature enabled; contact your account manager to request access to this integration.

  2. A Go1 portal configured with Go1Pay enabled so that approvals and purchase notifications can be delivered to the Go1 app for Slack. Contact your account manager to request access to Go1Pay.

  3. An Admin account for the Go1 portal where the integration for Slack will be configured.

Step by Step guide for installation

Click on your profile logo in the top right corner and click on Integrations.

Next, make sure that the Slack feature is enabled.

If the feature has been enabled, a Slack section will appear on the interface's left-side panel. Please click on the “Connect to Slack” button, which will be available.

Upon clicking on this button, the Go1 app will ask for permission to access your workspace and request a channel dedicated to posting notifications. It is recommended that you create a channel solely dedicated to these notifications.

Once connected, you will see a message showing that your portal is connected to Slack. Likewise, if you wish to disconnect the integration, click on the “Disconnect” button.

Have any questions or comments?

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via our live chat or by emailing us a [email protected]

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