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FlareHR: How is a user created in the Go1 Platform?
FlareHR: How is a user created in the Go1 Platform?

How does a user get created with Go1, when added to FlareHR? What does a new employee need to do trigger this step? Find out more below.

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This article explains how the FlareHR integration can be used once setup. To set up the integration, refer to the article 'Integrating FlareHR with the Go1 Platform'.

Now, anytime you add a new employee as a user in FlareHR (set to an active state), they will be automatically created within your Go1 Platform.

How does this work?

  1. Login to your Flare account as an Administrator, and select 'Organisation' > 'Manage Employees' from the left-hand sidebar:

2. Select 'Add a new person' and complete the 'Add a new employee' form. Select 'Onboard Employee' to complete this step:

3. The new employee will receive a Welcome email from FlareHR, where they select 'Login to Flare', and enter the supplied username and password to continue the onboarding process:

4. The employee will be presented with an onboarding pathway with a series of mandatory onboarding tasks. Once complete, the employee will be presented with this page confirming ‘You’re all set up!', and can now 'Proceed to Dashboard'.

5. Upon successfully onboarding to Flare (Step 4), the new employee's profile will be automatically created in Go1. Their profile in Go1 will include their name, email address, flare-id, division, department, job, location, position and legal entity:

6. At this point, the new employee will receive a Welcome email from Go1, which they can then use to log into the Go1 Platform and begin their learning journey!

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