Delete assigned learning

Unassign learners from a course or resource

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If learners have been incorrectly assigned to a course or resource, you can remove them from that learning's Manage page.

Navigate to the tab relating to the learners you need to remove, such as Assigned > Not started.

Select the checkboxes next to the individual learners, or choose the checkbox from the top of the page to bulk select everyone shown.

From the list of actions available from the bottom of the page, select the more (...) button, followed by Delete assignments.

Once you have selected to delete assignment(s), a notification will pop up prompting you to confirm if you are sure you wish to remove that learner from being assigned to this learning.

Select to confirm. Once done, then refresh the page. The learner will no longer show within the list of assigned learners on this course or resource.

When you delete an assignment, the associated learner receives an email informing them that they are no longer assigned that content.

You can also remove individuals one by one, by selecting the more (...) button to the right of their record, followed by the option Delete assignment.

Note: If the learner had commenced learning against that course or resource, after deleting their assignment, they will then display under the category Self directed.

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